May 2014
Manitoba's Newest Production Company's Introductory Offer
All Custom Documentaries booked within the next three (3) months will receive 30% off the base package price.

Winnipeg, MB, May 1, 2014:
All Custom Documentaries booked within the next three (3) months will receive 30% off the base package price.
(additional services and extras not included)

Preserve the stories and memories of a family member or friend in their own words. Celebrate a company milestone, chronicle a couple's journey to be married or document the birth of a child. Custom Documentaries can be created to archive any type of special event. It is a professional quality production - a high-end keepsake - that can be adapted to accommodate the needs of every individual client.

How it's done: As It Happened Productions ('AIHP') meets with the client to build their personalized documentary package and learn about the subject. Identified family, friends, co-workers or teammates assist in gathering relevant materials and provide information to be used in the interviewing of the documentary subject. AIHP completes any required research and prepares the interview(s). A professional film crew and facilitator travel to and interview the subject.

A base package Custom Documentary runs up to 60 minutes in length, can include up to five (5) photos and one (1) existing video clip, and provides you with four (4) completed DVDs. The key element is the unique interview of the subject. AIHP is committed to providing their clients with what is needed to make their Custom Documentary exactly what they what it to be. We have partnered with numerous Winnipeg artists and companies to provide clients with an endless number of services to access when creating a Custom Documentary. Everything included in the base package is flexible and can be adjusted to meet clients' needs.

Please visit our website for a step-by-step description of how a Custom Documentary
is made.

"The process was well organized and easy for my father to cope with. Very professional.
I became very emotional watching my dad relay his stories - beautiful." - client feedback

This offer is available until July 31, 2014

For more information, please contact Angela Chalmers, Owner and Director:
Tel: 204.802.1210

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