Celebrate your special event, person, corporate function or sport team
with a montage using existing photos and video.

How your Moving Scrapbook is created:
• You choose one of the following packages and provide As It Happened Productions ('AIHP') with information
  about the subject and the needed materials:

Option 1: - 1 video clip and 25 photos
Option 2: - 2 video clips and 50 photos
Option 3: - 3 video clips and 75 photo

• A facilitator meets with you to determine a theme and gather information about the subject or subject matter
• AIHP completes any additional research required and executes all other client requests
• Using professional editing software, your Moving Scrapbook is created
• The final product is duplicated and packaged
• Delivery of your Moving Scrapbook - all packages provide you with two DVDs.
   If needed, additional production duplication is available

* These are suggested (maximum) numbers for materials to be included. A Moving Scrapbook can be
   made, for example, using all photos, if desired.
   Contact AIHP to discuss a variety of flexible package options

We have partnered with numerous Winnipeg artists and companies, to provide you with an endless number of special package additions to access when creating a Moving Scrapbook

Special Additions Include:
customized graphics, animation, filming of multiple locations, original music,
professional narration, case, DVD and/or inserts design, and more

Do you have an upcoming event or milestone?
Moving Scrapbooks are versatile and reusable - a smart business investment.
They can be added to websites, shown at conferences, given as a promo to existing and new clients, shared with staff (informative or motivational) to name a few.

Are you a not for profit group, club or team?
Special pricing is available to assist you in creating a Moving Scrapbook for your fundraising event,
awareness campaign or season wind-up.
Please contact As It Happened Productions to learn more and for information on pricing.

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