Old Media Conversion
Bring your memories alive again! A stack of old photos in your closet?
A box of videos collecting dust in the basement?

Let us convert your old media to a digital format. Converting your old media will put a stop to on-going and prevent future degradation, ensuring their enjoyment for future generations. Safety and sensitivity guaranteed.

As It Happened Productions
can convert the following "old media" to a digital format:

• Photos
• Beta
• Slides
• 8mm Film
• Super 8 Film
• Records
• Cassette Tapes

Once converted, your stories, sounds and special occasions are re-discovered. Consider sharing them with family and friends! AIHP can provide duplication as well as unique case, insert and DVD/CD design.

Our technology and media is constantly changing and evolving. Currently, digital media is the format most widely used. Regardless of what is in store for the future, converting your old media to digital enables you to enjoy your memories today.

"There were pictures that none of us remember ever seeing!"

"I think it is important to share this history with my kids."

Personal and Small Business Media Archives
How are you currently caring for your photos and videos? Do you ever worry about 'Acts of God' - damage from floods or fires, blank hard drives from power surges, or even vandalism? How are you ensuring the preservation of your family or company's history?

As It Happened Productions can meet the needs of personal media archiving as well as small business historical documents and promotional material preservation.

Using the best external hard-drive, As It Happened Productions makes a copy of your photos, videos and/or documents. They are then placed in a safety deposit box providing you with confidential, worry-free storage! Let us maintain a copy of your materials in an off-site location. It is a highly affordable way of ensuring the safety of your materials for future use and pleasure.

These services are available at a reduced rate when combined with a Custom Documentary or Moving Scrapbook package. Reduced rates are also available to not-for-profit groups.

Please contact As It Happened Productions to learn more and for information on pricing.

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