An unedited recording providing an opportunity to address your loved ones directly

A Video Will affords you the chance to talk about the decisions you have made and explain any instructions you have left in your will. A Video Will can also be used as a moment to directly address and say goodbye to family and friends.

A digital document of this information could ease the minds of family and friends left behind. It could also help avoid any unfortunate disputes that occur during the highly emotional period after losing a loved one

How your Video Will is made:
• Once contracted to produce a Video Will, As It Happened Productions and all sub- contractors sign and adhere
  to a Confidentiality Agreement.
• After speaking with you and/or your lawyer, a location for filming is chosen (client's house, lawyer's office, other).
• You will decide what information you want documented. An AIHP facilitator is available to support you
  through this step. You gather the information needed - we help you compose these details in to a filming-friendly piece.
• A professional videographer will film you speaking and/or reading from a prepared speech.
• The footage is date and time stamped
• The final product is duplicated and packaged
• Two professional-grade copies of your Video Will are delivered. All other existing footage is immediately destroyed

• An unedited recording is done intentionally to confirm the video has not been altered or tampered with in any way.
• As It Happened Productions supports a Video Will being made under the supervision of a client's lawyer.
• A Video Will has no legal purpose or standing.
Please contact As It Happened Productions to learn more and for information on pricing.

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